Team Impact, New Years Day 2018

Team Impact, New Years Day 2018


Megan Carmichael

Mom of Lucy & Arlo; partner, wife, co-parent and best friend to Danny; daughter of Kathi and Bob, sister to Lauren; avid succulent gardener and desert vacationer (and now, landowner); collector of knickknacks and vintage paper products; terrible but willing seamstress; former 'zine maker and blogger; lover of Northern Soul, 1960s folk, vintage Reggae, international rhythms, Bruce Springsteen, and West Coast Hip Hop; list maker; unapologetic believer that women's rights are human rights; Fiestaware collector; active Twitter user for almost 10 years; semicompetent cook, depending on whom you ask; grammar nerd; supporter of public libraries.

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It’s a small world when you have a big mouth
— Megan Carmichael